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Prescription Policy

Unfortunately given the overwhelming amount of requests for prescription by fax and our desire to provide you the best care for your pets, beginning October 1st, 2022, we can no longer accept prescription requests that require fax approval. This includes prescriptions from all 3rd-party vendors. In order to help with this, we’ve partnered with Vets First Choice, which powers our online pharmacy. For your convenience, we are still maintaining our onsite pharmacy. In the event you choose to fill your pet’s prescription elsewhere, a written prescription will be provided. 

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On-site Pharmacy

It is our belief and goal to provide quality, that is why we provide an onsite pharmacy to fill your pet’s prescription needs. Most of our prescriptions are similar or less expensive than other sources. By having an onsite pharmacy, we are committed to providing your pets prescription in a convenient, timely manner, with less errors. Products purchased from a veterinarian have a manufacturer guarantee, so if there is ever a problem, we can help!

Our Online Pharmacy & Home Delivery Program 

After partnering with Vets First Choice, we can proudly offer you the same quality prescriptions, food, and health care products for your pets! These products come directly from the manufacturer, ensuring the correct item is properly handled and shipped directly to your door. 

  • Why We Chose Vets First Choice?
    • We wanted to ensure our clients and patients received the same quality products and service they have come to expect from our clinic, that is one of the reasons we chose Vets First Choice. In turn, they support us by providing great quality products to our clients and they are efficient and convenient. Lastly, they are licensed and trained in animal medications. When a prescription is sent through our online pharmacy, you will receive the product you are paying for!
  • Autoship: We now can offer an autoship program that allows you to save time and money on frequently purchased medications and food. With free shipping for autoship, it also saves you the hassle of an extra stop at the end of your long day!
  • How to Use: Click Here to go to our Online Store. New users will need to set up a username, password, and add the pet you wish to purchase medications for. 
    • Any prescription, including prescription diets, need an authorization from your pets doctor, so please allow us time to receive and review your request. This usually takes 1-2 business days. Please keep in mind that by law your pet must be examined by us within the past year for us to prescribe any medication. If it has been over one year please call for an appointment first. If you have any questions, feel free to call the office and we would be happy to help you through the process.

Ordering from an Outside Online Pharmacy or Outside Provider

We’ve all done it. We’ve searched our pets prescription online and have seen the attention grabbing claims, the convincing claims of convenience and low prices. While there are reputable pharmacies selling pet prescriptions online, there are unfortunately just as many fronts for business breaking Federal, State, and sometimes International Laws. Some common challenges to purchasing medications online include:

  • Counterfeit Medications
  • Outdated or mislabeled medications
  • Incorrectly formulated or improperly stored
  • May not contain actual active ingredients
  • May contain contaminants or the incorrect amount of the active ingredient
  • May be compromised due to being stored in conditions that are too hot, cold, or humid
  • May not have the proper directions for administration
  • Does not have staff trained in animal prescription medications, side effects or dosages 

Faxing Authorizations

Due to the risks associated with purchasing from online pharmacies and the amount of time taken away from helping out patients, we will no longer be faxing prescriptions to any vendor. Some pharmacies may accept a scanned written prescription, which can be an alternative for clients. Certain medications have specific regulations and require written prescriptions to be submitted in a specific manner. Please check with the pharmacy you have chosen before sending in the prescription.

To avoid all the hassle, give us a call at 509-238-1585, or check out our online pharmacy here!

Phone authorizations

Our office does not provide phone authorized prescriptions. This is for your protection and your pet’s protection as miscommunications are a major concern for pet medications/dosage and formulations. Prescriptions are safe when written and signed. Phone authorizations are also not legal with some medications.


  • Human pharmacies may sell or carry similar medications but they are not trained or certified in animal pharmacology and may inadvertently provide your pet with a formulation that is not going to work due to differences in absorption in animals’ vs humans. Furthermore, human medications may contain substances that may be safe in humans but harmful in pets. Human pharmacists are not trained in dosing or side effects in animals and alterations to what your veterinarian prescribes are prohibited, but cases have been known to occur without our consultation or consent and this is outside of our control. For these reasons, we strive to keep most medications on site that your pet needs. 

When we provide a written prescription for a human alternative, that we know is safe, we limit the pharmacists from substituting, which may limit which pharmacy they can be filled at. Our office assumes no liability for prescription errors made by alternate formulations used by human pharmacies as many human products may contain other ingredients that can be harmful to pets.  We also offer no guarantees on other pharmacy policies, costs or availability of medications we provide a written prescription for.  Any issues with regard to filling your written prescription must be addressed with the pharmacy you choose to use.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your continued support and trust!